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10Be records of sediment cores from high northern latitudes

Magnetic and gravity measurements on North-South profiles across the Grosse Meteor Bank, North Atlantic

Alkenones in the Mediterranean Sea

Deep thermohaline Circulation in the low-latitude Atlantic during the Last Glacial

Carbonate preservation reconstructed from sediment core sites 154-927 and 154-929 at Cear? Rise

Stable isotope ratios of interstitial fluids from ODP Leg 110 sites

Distribution of alkenone unsaturation index UK37 of the eastern North Atlantic (Table 2)

Sea-surface temperature reconstruction of sediment cores from the Skagerrak

The hydrographic conditions at depth below 1000 m water depth in the region of the Romanche Fracture Zones

Distribution of benthic foraminifera in surface sediments of the Portuguese continental margin