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Sedimentology, planktonic foraminifera distribution and stable isotope composition during marine isotope stage 3 of ODP Site 172-1060 in the West Atlantic

Geochemical and stable isotope composition of Middle Campanian marl-limestone rhythmites of the Lehrte West Syncline near Hannover (Lower Saxony, northern Germany)

The late Pliocene pollen record of ODP Site 108-658 off Cape Blanc, Atlantic Ocean

Lipid biomarkers in urface sediments of the Southeast Atlantic

(Table 1) Concentrations of CaCO3 and organic carbon, organic matter atomic C/N ratios and delta13C values of sediment samples from Site DSDP 594

Chemistry of interstitial-water samples from ODP Leg 105 sites (Table 1)

Concentrations and isotopic ratios of thorium and uranium in pelagic sediments

Chemistry of biogenic sediments from the equatorial Pacific

Nd- and Sr- isotope ratios of oceanic basalts

Stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios across the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundray on the Walvish Ridge