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Heavy mineral alanysis of surface sediments from the west-Pakistan and the adjacent continental shelf

Silicate content in sediment ofthe Santa Monica Basin, California

Magnetic properties of light and dark sediment layers from the Japan Sea

Marine and terrigenous lipids in ODP Leg 175 holes

Age model and color measurements of sediment cores from the eastern equatorial Pacific

Radium 228 and Radium 226 in surface water of the Kara Sea and Laptev Sea

Distribution of euphausiids (Crustacea) at the Great Meteor seamount, Atlantic Ocean

Lithogenic and biogenic daily and annual particle fluxes on the Lomonosov Ridge of trap LOMO-2

Abundance of Bitectatodinium spongium in surface sediments

Dinoflagellate cysts and pollen distribution of marine surface sediments off West Africa