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Stable oxygen isotope record from Globigerina bulloides and sea surface temperature of sediment core BOFS31/1K (Table 1)

Age model and susceptibility of sediment core PS2212-3

Platinum-group element abundances in background samples and the K-T boundary interval from DSDP Hole 91-596 (Table 2)

The Appendicularia and Chaetognatha from the Great Meteor Bank, Northeast Atlantic

Geochemistry of sediments from the Eastern Cape Basin

Sedimentology and stable isotope ratios of the northwest Pacific

Age determination of sediment cores from the shelf off Mauretania, West Africa

Distribution of benthic foraminifera in surface sediments of the Portuguese continental margin

Geochemical analysis of sediments and interstitial water in sediment cores from the North-West African continental margin and from the Central Pacific

Nannoplankton of multi-net samples, sediment surface and sediment core samples from the northern Arabian Sea