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Abundance of calcareous dinoflagellates of sediment cores from the South Atlantic Ocean

Radiolarian biostratigraphy in the central Indian Ocean

Carbon geochemistry in serpentinites from and beneath the Lost City Hydrothermal Field

Sand geochemistry on sediment core CRP-3 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Distribution of alkenone unsaturation index UK37 of the eastern North Atlantic (Table 2)

Nitrogen isotope ratios of Cretaceous Atlantic sedimentary sequences

Relative abundance of dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments and dinoflagellate counts from three sediment cores from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean

Diatom abundance counted on water bottle samples from the EisenEx cruise to the Southern Ocean

Epibiosis between the sand crab Emerita analoga and the mussel Semimytilus algosus

Carbonate content in relation to sediment type described for sediment core CRP-3 (Appendix 1)