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Occurence of marine palynomorphs of sediment core CRP-1 (Table 1)

Calcareous dinoflagellates in Maastrichtian to early Miocene sediments of DSDP Hole 39-357

Paleointensity of various DSDP sites (Table 3)

Water temperature measured in Independence Bay, Pisco, Peru

Recent ostracods in surface sediment samples from Admiralty Bay, King George Island, West Antarctica

Benthic foraminiferal fauna of sediment core CD17-30 in the Arabian Sea

Stable oxygen isotope ratios of benthic and planktonic foraminifera from early Miocene sediments of DSDP Site 90-593 on the Challenger Plateau, Pacific Ocean (Table 1)

Granulometry of surface sediments from the Panama Basin (Table 2, 3)

Vertical distribution of macrofossil taxa in ODP Hole 122-764B

Nannofossil assemblages of mid-Pliocene sediments from the equatorial Atlantic