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Geochemistry of a coral from Bermuda

Abundance and biomass of planktic ciliates at time series station DYNAPROC

Particle flux in the NE Atlantic as recorded by sediment traps

Glacial North Atlantic: Sea surface conditions reconstructed by GLAMAP 2000

Physical properties of sediment cores of the Bengal Fan

Sampling intervals, fluxes, percentages of total flux, organic carbon and lithogen for sediment trap CB9

Relative abundance of dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments and dinoflagellate counts from three sediment cores from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean

Diatom abundance counted on water bottle samples from the EisenEx cruise to the Southern Ocean

Age model and susceptibility of sediment core PS2212-3

The Appendicularia and Chaetognatha from the Great Meteor Bank, Northeast Atlantic