Pacific Ocean

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Stable oxygen isotope ratios of benthic and planktonic foraminifera from early Miocene sediments of DSDP Site 90-593 on the Challenger Plateau, Pacific Ocean (Table 1)

Element concentrations of amphiboles in ODP Hole 147-894G (Table 1)

Silicate content in sediment ofthe Santa Monica Basin, California

Temperature observation of CORK installation during ODP Leg 168

Stable isotopes from ODP Hole 130-806B (Fig. 1)

Velocities and elastic moduli of basalts from Pacific DSDP sites

Benthic foraminifera and accumulation rates in different time slices of sediment cores from the Equatorial Pacific

Carbonate sedimentation beneath the Carlifornia Current system

Radioisotopes and He accumulation in deep sea sediments of the Ontong Java Plateau

Phosphorus concentrations and accumulation rates of ODP Leg 130 sites