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Chemical composition of basalts and basaltic glasses from the Sierra Leone Fracture Zone region

Distribution of Ivory Coast microtektite layer

Methane and hydrogen sulfide in porewater of sediment cores from the upwelling area off Namibia

Benthic foraminifera of surface samples and sediment cores off Senegal and Gambia, West Africa

Geochemical characterization of black shales from the Tarfaya Basin

Ages determination of sediment core MD96-2094 (Table 1)

Pollen analysis, particle size analysis, end-member modelling and x-ray fluorescence measurements from sediment cores off Cape Ghir, Morocco

Stable oxygen and carbon isotopes ratios of sediment core GeoB9528-3

Biomarkers, stable carbon isotope record and pollen distribution of the soutwest African continental margin

Pollen and organic-walled dinoflagellate cyst assemblages of sediment core GeoB 9503-5