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Pollution research on dated sediment cores from Lake Constance

Determination of Uranium, Thorium, and Ionium in sediment cores of the Caribbean and Ionian Sea

Radiocarbon dating on four sediment profiles from Bunger Hills, East Antarctica

Concentration of nutrients and primary production in sea ice of the high-latitudinal Arctic

Uranium chemistry of oceanic basalts

Chemical composition of altered volcanic rocks from ODP Sites 193-1188 and 193-1189

Cloride and bromide concentrations and Br-/Cl- molar ratios in pore fluids at ODP Site 134-833

Concentrations of As and other chemical elements in bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea

Geochemical analysis of surface sediments along the Portuguese Margin

Osmium concentrations and isotope ratios of ODP Site 146-893A